Please read this important update regarding Gratefulness and receiving the gratitude prompt via text message.


Gratefulness is a free service because we want to promote gratitude around the world.

But it costs thousands of dollars a month to sustain. And with 8172 users, this has really started to add up. Here is a quick cost breakdown to date:

Total Entries

Our Total Cost

If you find any joy and value in what we've put together, please consider donating. We'll be eternally grateful!


"A reminder that is quick and easy is hugely helpful in my busy routine. When I receive the summary email I can feel the gratitude I had in those moments through the past week. It has been incredible!"

"Gratefulness helps me to find a positive moment each day; it is helping me become more mindful."

"It makes me thankful and grateful for what I already have. It helps me focus on the here and now rather than the past or future. I especially like when I get the texts during the middle of a "crabby" time."

"It is great to take a moment every day to appreciate what we have in our lives. Gratefulness makes me more mindful. Reading through the email at the end of the week is also a great reminder of how much there is in a week to be grateful for."

"It's been a wonderful positive discipline to incorporate into my daily routine."

"The daily reminders from have prompted me to take a serious daily look at my blessings instead of taking every day and every blessing for granted. After decades of taking-for-granted, I am thrilled to start giving actual thanks."
"It is helpful to have something remind me to step back and find the good in life when I'm having a rough day."