About Us

Some friends and I wanted to be more consistent with writing things we were grateful for. I built this site to help us.

We think (and so does science) that being more aware of what you're grateful for can help you in every facet of your life.

How It Works

Sign up to receive a daily prompt on your favorite platform (iOS, Android, Facebook Chatbot, Text Message and/or email).

You can respond to the prompt and we'll store them privately in a database. We'll send you a weekly recap of your answers every Sunday evening.

How Much Does This Cost?

Everything is free except if you choose the text messaging option.

Text messaging is $15 per year. You can learn more here about why we charge for text messaging.

Do You Sell My Data?

No! Definitely not!

If you have any questions/concerns about this, please reach out to neeraj@gratefulness.io.

Are My Gratitude Entries Private?


You have the option to publicly share your posts on our Public Gratitude Wall, but even there your posts are shared anonymously.

I live outside the United States. Can I still use Gratefulness?

Yes! Except for text messaging. Text messages are only sent to US phone numbers.


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